I rarely get one-on-one time with my boys. Deacon and I try to make it a point to hang out with them individually for little dates, but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. I get the most with Noah. More because of doctors appointments, therapy and trips by ourselves to UNC than anything else. I started a new job last week, working 8:30 – 5:30 and it’s been quite an adjustment for our little men. New schools, full time baby sitters (who are AMAZING) and very different schedules have kind of turned things upside down for the moment. I feel good about it though, and I’m sure things will settle into a good rhythm over the next week or so. I am really grateful to have finally found a LOCAL job, and so far I think it’s going to be a great fit for me. It sure was hard to be away from my guys so much though. There’s always a trade off. 

Deacon had his monthly Air Force Reserve training this weekend, and I made the mistake of letting the twins decide if they wanted to stay home with me, or go with him. Wouldn’t ya know it, they LEFT me!! So sad! Daddy is just too fun to turn down. 😉 It did however, give me a chance to spend the whole weekend with just my baby boy. I have to confess, I spoiled him rotten all weekend! The weather was FINALLY warm and the sun was bright and beautiful the whole time. We spent most of the day outside Saturday, and then uncle Drew came over for dinner and spent the night singing songs and hanging out with us. Today we went to church, came home for a nap and then headed to the beach for a little more fun in the sun before the daylight faded. My sweet boy is almost two (unbelievable!) and he’s literally saying and doing new things every day. This weekend was one of those times when everything seems to slow down long enough to allow you to realize how precious this time is. I would’ve run around in that (holy cow freezing) ocean all day just to keep taking in the look of pure joy on my sons face. Hearing his baby belly laugh while he ran away from the waves… I can’t even describe what those sounds do to my heart. Little baby footprints in the sand. Nothing like it. Over my shoulder as we were leaving I heard a teenage boy, (with that sound of new, deep vibrato they get right when their voice is changing) yell “Mom! You gotta come see this!” to a woman standing over by the dunes. All I could think was, any day now that will be me, walking toward one of my boys. Before I know it. Before I’m ready…

I looked down, handed Declan a perfect blue-gray seashell and said “here’s a seashell for you, love. Can you say ‘seashell’?” and he looked up at me, his little (big) hand in mine, blue eyes bright in the sun, and said “seashell, mom”. New things every day. Thank God for these sweet boys, and for allowing me to be their mom.